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Candle Accessories
Accessories for taking care of your candles and clean up.  Candle wipes for soot clean-up, wick trimmers, wax removers.  Flameless candles too. Click the "lit" candle to see the flameless demo.
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Candle SnufferCandle SnufferSafely extinguish your candle flame WITHOUT SMOKE!
Candle WipesCandle WipesKeep glass candle containers sparkling clean and clear.
Flameless Candle-LargeFlameless Candle-LargeNo Smoke, No Soot, No Worry.  Flameless LED Candles.
Flameless Candles-MediumFlameless Candles-MediumNo Smoke, No Soot, No Worry.  Flameless LED Candles.
Flameless Candles-SmallFlameless Candles-SmallNo Smoke, No Soot, No Worry.  Flameless LED Candles.
Flameout Candle ExtinguisherFlameout Candle ExtinguisherFlame out is a unique method of extinguishing all types of candles. Just a quick puff of air and it's OUT!
Sticky WaxSticky WaxKeep taper candles secure in their holder with Sticky Wax.
Wax Pottery VesselWax Pottery VesselAn ideal home decor accessory that not only looks good but will fragrance your favorite room without a flame.
Wax RemoverWax RemoverEasily clean up candle spills and dripped wax on most surfaces. Formulated to safely breakdown wax, this solution can be used on table tops, carpet, clothing and more!
Wick DipperWick DipperDipping the candle wick in wax eliminates soot emitted during flame extinguishing and promotes easy candle relighting
Wick TrimmerWick TrimmerKeeping candle wicks trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times reduces soot emissions and enhances burning performance.
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